Assemble Robot Chasis

Remember...Don't overtighten when attaching a screw...Just make Snug!

  1. Overview AssemblingRobotChasis (Mobile) (YouTube)
  2. Tool (Mobile) (YouTube)
  3. Attach Motors to Chasis (Mobile) (YouTube) (When you attach the motors with the screws and nuts, make them snug...but not tight, or else the wheels will barely turn!!)
  4. Attach Cover to Chasis (Mobile) (YouTube)
  5. Attach Line Follower and Front Wheel to Chasis (Mobile) (YouTube)
  6. Attach Ultrasonic Sensor to Chasis (Mobile) (YouTube)
  7. Attach Processor / Brain to Cover (Mobile) (YouTube)
  8. Attach Powerpack (Mobile) (YouTube)
  9. Attach Cables & Batteries (Mobile) (YouTube)
  10. Wheels...!Ask me to attach wheel to motor! (Mobile) (YouTube)