Time to begin programming your robot. Here is your challenge: you need to code your robot so that it works its way through the Labyrinth and parks in the opposite Red Zone: Mobile / YouTube. When your robot has successfully completed all the steps shown on this are done!

Begin by using VEXcode V5 Block to complete this challenge. I was in the process of creating some step-by-step videos to show you how to accomplish this task, but I stopped and decided that you would get more out of this assignment if you discover it on your own. I would like to direct you to a couple of videos that I feel will answer all of your questions.

First, the following video will provide you with an overview as to how to use VEXcode V5 Block: YouTube

Second, open the "VexCode V5Blocks App." and select the "Tutorials" link at the top of the page. You will find many of these tutorials helpful, in particular:

  1. Getting Started,  
  2. Download and Run A Project, 
  3. Device Setup - Drivetrain,
  4. Moving and Removing Blocks,
  5. Using Example Projects. 

Hint: Program using "Drivetrains" if you want the robot to move in a direction. Program using "Motors" when you want the robot to do a task like raise its arm or open and close its claw or lift and object. 

Writing & Testing Your Program : The easiest way to test your program is by placing the center of your robot on a thick book so that the wheels are lifted off the ground. 

  1. Open Vex v.5 Code and begin writing your program. Remember to Save!
  2. In order to download your program to your robot, connect your computer to the Brain with your USB cable. When a proper connection is made, "Brain" in the program menu will turn from white to green. 
  3. When ready to test your program, "Save", then "Download" then press "Play."  (!Note: if you make a change to the Drivetrain, then click "Done," "Save," "Download," "Play."
  4. You will be able to see the wheels turn - you should be able to tell if the robot/program is performing the way you would like.
  5.  Eventually place it in the Labryinth and test it. It is your choice if you want the USB cable to be connected or disconnected while testing.

Go ahead...begin the Labyrinth Challenge!