Programming Your V5 Controller

Rocket League Competition: (Mobile) (You Tube)
Students will learn how to program their Controllers so that they can have their Robots compete in Rocket League. Students will have their robots shoot balls into goals. Rules

 1. Controller Programming  Gradesheet - "Rocket League Challenge."
This Gradesheet will explain what you need the Controller to do.  Grade Sheet.  

2. Controller Programming Guide:
The following Step-By-Step Guide shows you how to Select A Device (eg. Controller) and how to configure the Buttons on the Controller. Click Here.

3. My Controller Programming Hints! 
   The image below shows the Devices you will need to activate in order to successfully meet all the points required on the Rocket League Challenge Gradesheet.

The program below will allow you to send power to the left wheel when the the left Joystick is pressed and send power to the right wheel when the the right Joystick is pressed. First, program the Left joystick on your Controller so that your Robot's Left Wheel moves Forward and Backward. Then, program the Right joystick on your Controller so that your Robot's Right Wheel moves Forward and Backward. Insert your commands into a Forever Loop so that your robot's motion can function at all times.

Helpful Hint: If you would like to save time by Copy/Paste code from one program you write to another...just click on the segment of the code you would like to copy, then select "Control" "C" - open the new program and "Control" "V". It will appear!

Note: Normally we use "Drivetrain" and not "Motors" when programming motion. I am asking you to use "Motors" instead of "Drivetrain" in this one instance where we are learning how to program the "Controller."
Set motor velocity for a "Motor" gives two options: “%” (accepts a range from -100% to 100% ) or, “rpm” (accepts a range -600rpm to 600rpm;  "rotations per minute" value based on the Gear Cartridge installed in the V5 Smart Motors used in the Drivetrain.)
Setting a V5 Smart Motor's velocity to a negative value will cause the Motor to spin in reverse.
Setting a V5 Smart Motor's velocity to 0 will cause the Motor to stop.

How Do I Program My Controller: