Reengineer Your Robot

Tower Takeover: (Mobile) (You Tube)
Students will notice that the robots that they designed for, "In The Zone," do not work well in "Tower Takeover" because the clawbots are unable to lift their arms high enough to place the blocks into the towers. Thus, the students need to reengineer their robots so that they can compete in Tower Takeover.

Rules/Scoring: You Tube / Explanation

Tower Takeover 2019-2020 Game Manual

Step 1: Compete in the Tower Takeover game. Take note of what you are unable to achieve in this game because of how the Clawbot is engineered.

Step 2: Design and draft a robot that solves all the problems you had with your Clawbot when competing in Tower Takeover. (I will supply you with the graph paper.) Note: you may not build your new robot until you finish drafting it. Present it to me, explain the changes you will be making to your robot and when you receive my signature, you may begin building.

Step 3: Reengineer your robot. Test it. Then reengineer once again.

Step 4: Time to Compete!