Intro To Apps.

This unit is an introduction to programming and App design.

U3Ch1L1: Introduction to Apps. Students will explore and investigate what makes and App an App. Click Here.
U3Ch1L2: Introduction to Design Mode Students will learn how to create screens, buttons, images, text and more. Click Here.
U3Ch1L3: Project Designing An App. First students brainstorm app ideas and sketch out user interfaces. Then the students will transfer their user interfaces designs from their planning guides over to App Lab. Click Here.
U3Ch1L4: The Need for Programming Languages Students explore the challenges of clearly communicating instructions. Click Here.
U3Ch1L5: Intro To Programming Students use and modify a series of simple apps to get familiar with a number of programming commands.  Click Here.
U3Ch1L6: Debugging Students are introduced to debugging a problematic programs. Click Here.
U3Ch1L7: Project Designing an App Part 2 Students begin programming their Apps using the skills they have been learning over the past few lessons. Click Here.