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"Computer Science Principles" (CSP)
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Unit 4: Engineering & 3D Printing

Students will design and draft a suspension bridge. They will create a Computer Aided Design (CAD) of their drawing, send it to a 3d printer and finally assemble their bridge.


1. Download Fusion 360

Students will use Fusion 360, a mechanical engineering CAD program. Follow these steps in order to download and access the program.

Click here.
4. 'Fastest' Race Car Students will learn how to draft, CAD and finally 3D print a basic race car using Fusion 360. Click here.
6. Connectors Students will learn additional Fusion 360 skills by designing and building a variety of bridge connectors. Click here.
7. Suspension Bridge Students will design and engineer a suspension bridge : Draft / C.A.D. / 3d Print. Click here.