Technology Classes


Careers In Tech

Throughout the course, students will get to visit a number of companies in the Tech World and will be visited by Tech speakers from a broad range of occupations and have the opportunity to be awarded an internship with the SHUSD IT Dept.


Computer History Museum & Intel.

  • Students experience both the past and future of Technology at the Computer History Museum. The students then travel to the Intel Museum to see how semiconductors are manufactured.


  • Students take part in a workshop presented by Google in which they learn the "Softskills" that Google is looking for when they hire employees.

Queen of The Valley

  • Students learn about and take part in robotic surgeries at Queen of the Valley.


  • Every 30 minutes, the students rotate through different NASA departments meeting their team leaders and experiencing the wide variety of projects that are taking place at NASA.

SHUSD I.T. Internships

  • Students can apply and be awarded an internship with the SHUSD IT Department, where they learn a broad range of Tech and Soft skills.

Guest Speaker Series

  • Students get to meet and interact with leaders from a variety of Tech fields.