Field Trip To Queen of the Valley_Surgery/Robotics Demonstration

Queen of the Valley Hospital organized a demonstration of how robots are used in surgery. There are two robot systems: Maco (knee) and DaVinci (internal organs). They started by explaining the sytems and showing how they function. They then had the students rotate through five stations in which the students learned how the robots are used and then the students got to control the robots in live simulations. The day concluded by having a student from each school compete against each other in a surgical simulation...SHHS missed taking 1st Place by 1 point.

Steven, Frankie and Weston with St. Helena High parent and surgeon...Bob Dunham.


Video Of SHHS Student, Steven Larrabee in School Competition (1min): Mobile / You Tube
As you watch the video, notice the movement of the SHHS student, Steven Larrabee's hands controlling the robot in the foreground matches the surgical tool movement on the large screen in the background.

Frankie Cigarroa performing surgery on a knee.


Weston Staid engaged in a robotic simulation.