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"Computer Science Principles" (CSP)

Unit 1: The Internet 

Link to Code.org Student Accounts:   http://studio.code.org/sections/KGYKTD

  Chapter 1: Representing and Transmitting Information
  1. Personal Innovations
  1.5 Prototypes & Set up Code.org class accounts.
  2. Sending Binary Messages
  3. Sending Binary Messages with the Internet Simulator
  3.5 Cont. Sending Binary Messages with the Internet Simulator & Video: Understanding How The Internet Works!
  4. Internet Simulator
  4. Numbering Systems - Geometric Shapes
  5. Introducing Binary Number Systems "Flippy Do" & Odometer
  6. Writing Protocols to Transmit and Receive Binary Numbers.
  7. Encoding and Sending Formatted Text
  Chapter 2: Inventing the Internet
  8. The Internet Is for Everyone
  9. The Need for Addressing
  12b. DNS Security

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