ECS Photoshop Tutorial
"My Resort!


These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Reminder: How to Right Click on a Macintosh... (video)
Explanation of this Photoshop training...(Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #1: Create A Folder

Create a folder on your desktop. Title it: “MyResort_Photoshop” (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #2: Acquire Images
  • Go online to Google Images, find and save to your folder an image of a trailer, a bench, a sky and grass.  (The online tutorial will show you how to access the actual images in the graphic above) (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #3: Create A Canvas
  • Open Photoshop. Create a New Canvas. Set the canvas to 5 inches wide by 3 inches high / 72 dpi / RGB / transparent. Save this Photoshop project to the folder you created on the desktop. Title it: “MyResort_Photoshop_YourName.” (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #4: Import & Resize An Image and The Lasso Selection Tool.

  • Import the four images to the canvas and remove the trailer background by using the Polygonal Lasso. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #5: Layers: Arrange and Appear
  • Arrange the layers and make them appear and disappear. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #6: The Magic Wand Selection Tool & Transfor
  • Remove the white background around the bench and change the size of the bench. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #7: Adding Text
  • Adding the title, "Glamping" and curving it. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #8: Drop Shadow
  • Add a Drop Shadow to each of the layers in this image. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Step #9: Trim (or Crop) Canvas
  • The canvas must be reduced (Trim or Crop!) to match the size of the image. (Mobile) (YouTube)
Finally: How To Compress & Export An Image
  • After you create the image in Photoshop, you must compress it and export it so that it can be used by other applications: (Mobile) (YouTube)