Scratch Final Project Student Games

Game Students Description
PacMan Stephen Collins  
Maze Vanessa Rodriguez  
Tank Brayan Vizcaino  
Maze Deni Ratterree  
Maze Stella Ricci  
The Doughnut Chase. Jonathan Gamble  
Trumps Moving Hats Dom and Gus Follow the instructions given on the screen. Pick a hat you want Trump to hide in then follow the hat through complicated flips and switching. The guess which hat Trump is after the shuffle and you will be congratulated or ask to try again based on your answer
Break Out Lucy and Marta The objective is to hit the ball against the color wall using the paddle and to earn points.
Platform Game Fernando Lugo A fun platformer. jump past the red paint to get by.
Pong Easton and Nathan Press 1 for single player or 2 for multiplayer
player 1 controls: Left and Right arrows
player 2 controls: A, D
Slender Man Julian & ERic Slender Man is after you! Run around on a timer finding (Clicking) the eight pages . if the timer runs out you lose! W key- Forward
A Key- Left
S Key- Back
D Key- Right
Space Bar- Flashlight on/off
Tank Alex & Ulises Tank multiplayer game. 2 players required. Press Green flag to restart.
Pac Man Alan  
Maze Ivan  
Run Aldo and Oscar  
Tank Charles & Justin A single player tank battle where you try and defeat the enemy.
Pong Joey and Jose G. A game of simple pong. Ball changes shape as you score points.
Drag Race Loran  
Maze Jarrod  
Invasion Eli  
Memory Game Biella & Jessica  
RLS Middle School
Guitar Villain Logan and Abby Use the arrow keys.
Doodle Jump Alejandro and Jack Use the arrow keys to move and space key to shoot.
Disneyland Tour Brenna & Alexa Interactive Disney experience.
Zombie Slash Rohry and Frankie Use arrow keys to move and space bar to slash sword. Survive!
Tank Gang Antonio and Ivan Blow up your opponents tanks.
Space Invaders Israel & Fernando Human are fighting humans in space.
Connect Four Tracy and Alex Connect 4 chips to win.
Finding Drake Wolfgang You need to find drake
Impossible Frogger Christian Rincon You're just a frog trying to get back to its pond.
Pong Quinn Pong: This a game where you try to score as many points possible against someone else in 30 seconds.
Spy Plane Ben This game is called Spy Plane. Fly your plane around and fire missiles at tanks.
Race Track Emma  
Tank George Use WASD to control the green tank
Aim with your mouse and press space bar to shoot
There are four levels to complete them kill the red tanks
There are power ups (Speed, Health, and Shield)