Add Lasers and Sound Effects
To "Jet Fighter" - Video Tutorial
Final Cut Pro

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

In Preparation:
View the Model “Add Laser & Sound Effects” video on the class website. This is what you will be recreating. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #1:Retrieve the laser images and sound effects from the RLS Multimedia Server. Place folder on your desktop. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Step #2: Add Lasers - Animation.
Add a minimum of 5 lasers to Each jet fighter. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Here are the 9 steps you will follow in order to create an animation:

  1. Select Clip
  2. Transform Imag
  3. Slide the Playhead to the beginning of the clip
  4. Drag the image to the end point
  5. Select Keyframe
  6. Drag the image to the start point
  7. Drag the playhead to the end of the clip - click on the left arrow on the keyboard once so you see the laser
  8. Drag the image to the end point once should see a red line
  9. Select Done!
Step #3: Add Sound Effects
Add a laser sound effect to each of the lasers you created. (Mobile) (YouTube)