GarageBand - Video Tutorial
Learning how to compose soundtracks.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Note: Have two windows open at the same time: One window should be this video tutorial page, and the other window should be the Garage Band program. As you watch the should be creating in Garage Band what you are seeing in the video.   
  • Garage Band Explanation and Interface. (Mobile / YouTube)
  • Opening The Garage Band Application. (Mobile / YouTube)
    Allow GarageBand to access your microphone.
    Open GarageBand and select: "New Project" and then "Empty Project, and then "Software Instrument," and then "Create." 

Step #1: Set Up the Garage Band Interface: Loops & Clock. (Mobile / YouTube)
Your song must be no longer than 1 minute and no shorter than 40 seconds.

Step #2: Using Loops (Expand, Crop & Delete). (Mobile / YouTube)
Your song must have at least 5 different Beats/Loops - each on a different track!
2a: Playhead. (Mobile / YouTube)
!Save! (Mobile / YouTube)

Step #3: Zoom In & Zoom Out. (Mobile / YouTube)
Step #4:End of Project Marker. (Mobile / YouTube)
Step #5: Automation / Volume Change. (Mobile / YouTube)
You must apply at least 1 volume change to one of your tracks.
Step #6: Audio On & Off. (Mobile / YouTube)
Step #7: Advanced Tools: EQ, Edit & Filters. (Mobile / YouTube)
Step #8: Export to "Music" (formerly iTunes)  (Mobile / YouTube)
Drag to RLSMultimediaServer. (Mobile / YouTube)
 If you would like many more Loops... Main Menu / Garage Band / Sound Library / Download All Available Sounds!