Slideshow - Video Tutorial
Organizing & Editing photos using "Photos."

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

In Preparation:

  • Students have learned the film and photos quality standards.
  • Students have learned how to operate a digital camera.
  • Students will have already taken a number of photos ready to import.
  • Students were provided with a Gradesheet that matches the tutorial steps shown below.

Step #1: Import Your Images
"Import All" and "Delete All." (video) (YouTube)

Step #2 Organizing Your Images Into Albums.
Albums allows you to organize and quickly retrieve photos. (video) (YouTube)

Step #3: Editing Your Images
Adjust / Filters / Crop. (video) (YouTube)

Step #4: Create a Slideshow
A very nice way to view your photos: Themes, Music & Timing. (video) (YouTube)

Step #5: Export the Slideshow As A Movie
Exporting a slideshow as a video (video) (YouTube)