Star Wars:
Import Video/Motion/GreenScreen
Final Cut Pro - Video Tutorial (Ver: 4.0)

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
A. The Interface
  • This video tutorials explains the Final Cut Pro software interface: Library, Browser, Viewer & Timeline. (video) (YouTube)
B. Library, Events & Projects
  • This video tutorial explains how to organize your media files using: Libraries, Events and Projects. (video) (YouTube)
Step #1: Import Video
  • 1a. A demonstration of how to import your video from a camcorder to Final Cut Pro. (Follow this video tutorial if you just finished filming your Star Wars scene). (video) (YouTube)
  • 1b. A demonstration of how to import video files from the RLS Multimedia Server. (Follow this video tutorial if are learning how to edit using Final Cut Pro and you are importing C3PO & R2D2 from the RLS Multimedia Server.) (video) (YouTube)
Step #2: Timeline / Editing Tools / Snapping
  • 2a. Timeline: An explanation of how to view, select (delete) and drag clips from the Browser to the Timeline. (video) (YouTube)
  • 2b. Editing Tools: Useful tools when editing on the timeline: Playhead, Zoom In/Out, Move Clips, Trim Clips & Razor Blade. (video) (YouTube)
  • 2c. Snapping! (video) (YouTube)
Step #3: Titles
  • 3a. How to insert a Black background Title. (video) (YouTube)
  • 3b. How to superimpose a title on a video clip. (video) (YouTube)
Step #4: Transitions
Step #5: Motion & Transforming Images
  • 5a. Import files from the RLS Multimedia Server to Final Cut Pro.(video) (YouTube)
  • 5b. Transforming the size of an image. (video) (YouTube)
  • 5c. Image placement, Resizing and Motion #1. (video) (YouTube)
  • 5d. Image Placement, Resizing for Motion #2. (video) (YouTube)
    5d2. Applying Motion #2. (video) (YouTube)
Step #6: Adding Audio: Music & Sound Effects
  • 6a. Add music, sound effects, volume control and fade out. (video) (YouTube)

Step #7: Green Screen

  • 7a. Adding and image in place of the green screen background. (video) (YouTube)
Exporting a Video File From Final Cut Pro
  • Learn how to export your film as a video file onto the desktop using Final Cut Pro to the RLS Multimedia Server. (video) (YouTube

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