Adding Motion to A Final Cut Video
RLS 8th Grade Pro Apps Class
Video Tutorial

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students. There is also a step-by-step guide that may also be of some use.
Final Cut: Creating Motion
Final Cut Training: If you need to review how to create videos using Final Cut, please refer back to the Final Cut Online Video Training Series provided to you when you created Junk Movie.

Step #1: Download Files

  • Download the “F.C.MotionTraining_R2D2” Folder from the “RLSMultimediaServer” to your desktop. (video)
Step #2: Creating a Folder System & Placing Files in Folders
  • 2a. Title the folder you dragged onto your desktop: ”R2D2_YourName.” In this folder, create and name three more folders: “Photos,” “Audio” & “Video.” (video)
Step #3: System Settings & Save Project
  • 3a. Open Final Cut. Create a New Project. Set the System Settings. Save the Project: “”R2D2_YourName.” to the folder you created on your desktop. (video)
Step #4: Sequence & Bins
  • 4a. If one does not exist, create a Sequence and Title it: ”R2D2_YourName.” Create 3 bins; title them ‘Videos”, “Audio”, and “Photos.” (video)
Step #5: Import Images / Music
  • 5a. Import the R2D2 image, the desert background image and R2D2 audio files. Place each file into the corresponding bin. (video)
Step #6: Insert Images onto the Timeline
  • 6a. Insert the background image on the timeline & 'Superimpose' R2D2 onto the Desert Background, on the timeline. (video)
Step #7: Add Motion
  • 7a. Add Motion to R2D2 crossing the desert. (video)
Step #8: Insert Audio
  • 8a. Drag the R2D2 Sound Effects onto the timeline and line it up with R2D2 as it moves. .” (video)
Step #9: Export
  • 9a. Export a Quicktime video file to the ”R2D2_YourName" folder that you created on your desktop. (video)