Creating A Google Earth Video
& Adding It To "Green Screen Intro"


These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

Overview of Model Video

  • Students will take a quick look at the model Google Earth created by the instructor. As they watch this tutorial, they will create their own Google Earth movie from RLS to the region their Endangered Animal resides. (Note: there will be no sound…it gets added in Final Cut Pro.) (video) (You Tube)
The Interface & Search
  • Opening Google Earth. Understanding the Interface. Searching for regions. (video) (You Tube)
Step #1:Placemark Origination: RLS
  • 1a.Setting up and Placemarking the first scene where the video will begin: RLS. (video) (You Tube)
  • Students will be shown a trick inorder to hide the Placemark pin.
  • “Snapshot” the view you want for the start of the movie.
Step #2: Placemark Destination
  • 2a.Setting up and Placemarking the first scene where the video will begin: RLS. (video) (You Tube)
  • “Snapshot” the view you want for the destination.
Step #3: Pre-Check Elevations & Labels & Create Movie! 
  • 3a. Remove the blue markers on the map. (video) (You Tube)
  • Slow down the speed of the flight from RLS to your destination.
  • Create your Google Earth movie and Save.
Step #4: Converting Google Earth Movie to Quicktime.
  • 4a. Film Your Google Earth Movie using Quicktime’s “New Screen Recording” tool. Title it and Save it (‘Your Name’_GoogleEarth_ExtinctMovie) to your “Green Screen Intro” folder. (video) (You Tube)

Step #5: Import Quicktime Video File into Final Cut Pro.
Step #6: Add Narration & Music
  • 6a. Overview of what you need to accomplish by adding a narration and music. (video) (You Tube)
  • 6b. Tutorial showing how to use the computer microphone and add music. You must adjust volume when person is speaking.
    (video) (You Tube)

Step #7: Add Titles