jasonK Instructor: Jason Kelperis  
Class: Algebra 2
Project Description: An online math tutorial series was created by Mr. Kelperis to allow students to learn new math concepts at their own speed. If a student did not understand an explanation, no problem. They can now replay/pause the video. Each lesson has a Model and several Examples so that students are able to learn at their own speed and then apply their new skills.
Calendar of Lessons:  

Student Instructions:

  1. Watch the video showing the Model Math Problem and try solving the problem following the steps shown in the video.
  2. When you feel you understand the steps necessary to complete the Model, move onto each of the Examples. Attempt to complete them by using the same process you followed while solving the Model. If you are having problems, review the steps shown in the Model Video. When you have completed the Review, view the corresponding video to see if the steps you took were correct.
  3. When you finish the Reviews, begin working on your Homework Assignment. If you are having any problems, you are welcome to review the previous videos.
Unit Topic Unit Description
9 Conics  
12 Sequence & Series