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Explanation of Training::

The goal is to offer additional useful skillsnot being required of the students. It is recommended that you recreate the model presented in Segment #1. The skills being presented will be applied to that model

Clearing Out The Cells: Delete Values, Clear Formatting & Unmerge Cells. (mobile) (Flash)

Sorting allows the user to organize their data in almost any order of their choosing: Ascending, Descending, Alphabetical, etc. (mobile) (Flash)

An important aspect of working with large amounts of data is the ability to zero in on the most important data in a worksheet. Filtering allows the user to limit the data displayed in your worksheet. Unlike sorting, which arranges worksheet rows according to rules you set, filtering hides rows that don’t meet the rules you define. (mobile) (Flash)

Relative Reference
Relative cell reference allows the user to copy existing formulas from a cell to another cell. Excel will not only copy the formula to a new cell, but will substitute new cell references so that the relationship of the cells to the formula in its new location will remain unchanged. (mobile) (Flash)

Absolute Reference
Absolute cell reference links cells to data being input to a specific cell. Each time a number is input, all the calculations change. This allows users to see the results of different scenarios. (mobile) (Flash)

Keep Column Headings Visible When Scrolling
Even though your column and rows have been provided titles, they will disappear when scrolling or printing. You must take a few extra steps for them to appear. (mobile) (Flash)

Printing Pages
5a. Insert a row above the “Years” row and type the title, “RLS “Run For Funds” Dollars Raised.” (mobile) (Flash)