Scratch Final Project Student Games
Game Students Description
Doodle Jump Abel Flores To start game press the green flag then,the blue button. Use A or left arrow to move left and use D or right arrow to move right.(when jump to the wall you come out on the other side)
Laundry Legend Dagfinnr Chang-Wick Play as a washing machine and keep the room tidy. Laundry appears randomly on tiles. When this happens, the clutter level increases. You can decrease the clutter level as well as earn points by consuming the laundry piles (W,A,S,D). You can not occupy the same tile as a laundry pile. Walking into the brown borders will send you back to the center (Walk with the arrow keys). As you play, the laundry will appear faster and faster. The game ends when the clutter level becomes greater than five.
Beat Saber Anthony Ludlam Instructions in game... Just click the flag and enjoy! For those of you who have never had the experience of playing Beat Saber VR, I tried to make it similar to the real thing. So I hope you have a good time playing this!
Star Wars The Complete Saga Ewan Oliver Use the space Bar to shoot the sith, Use the up, right, down, and left arrow to move R2D2. The sith lords will run at you at you to shoot them before they reach you. Have Fun and good luck.
Airplane Noises Nick Wolf Press the green flag to start. Use WASD to move, combining vertical an horizontal movement keys will allow diagonal movement. space to shoot. score a point for each enemy plane you hit. the game will end when you are hit by an enemy bullet or plane. Press R to reset.
King of Jump Andrew Hileman Arrow keys to move, retrieve your crown!
Stickman Smash Hugo Sanchez Player 1 Keys: Arrow Keys to move and jump; O key to attack. Player 2 Keys: WASD to move; Q key to attack. First to deplete their opponents HP wins.
Red Sphere Adventures   Jorge Bautista Guzman  Move with the arrow keys in order to navigate and dodge the enemies' attacks. Press the space bar in order to fight back, but make sure to not miss! There are 3 levels to go through, and each level gets tougher and tougher.
Jumpscape! Christopher Newhart Use arrow keys to move and space to jump. Collect coins for points and watch out for red bars, stay on the purple bars. Enjoy
RicoTank Alpha 1.0.2 David Lynch just start shooting!
Finding Nemo: Darla Attack Harper McClain & Thorn Schweiger Navigate Nemo through the pipes to escape Darla, the notorious Australian fish-killer child. Avoid the BLACK breaks in the pipes and get to the wide open BLUE ocean. Use the aquarium pebbles to jump from spot to spot, but don't touch the GREEN pipes themselves, or you're shark bait oh ha h
Ping Pong! Henrik Wrede Welcome to ping pong! Here you will compete by rallying back and forth with the computer. Click the green flag and then press the spacebar to serve the ball. Use the arrow keys to control the red paddle. First person to 11 points wins! 
Super Mario Deluxe! Jacob Miller Press start and use arrow keys to control Jorio (Joe Biden Mario, the ultimate being). Republican elephants will try to defeat the Joe Biden incarnate, so you must use your mouse pointer and deflect their attacks. Collect the star to finish the demo and you get a prize.
Saving Stan! Karl Gabriel You start off as Bob, a legendary hero in the world of Terraria. One day, Stan is stolen! Now you must go rescue him! Use the arrow keys or WSAD to move and your mouse to shoot epic orbs! Don't touch red!
Bird Extreme Parkour Kent Yara Survive the challenge as longest time you can. Enjoy!!
PEWDIEPIE MEME SLAYER Steven Larrabee Use Shaggy's power to your full advantage and kill unfinished work.
Jumping Blocks Sonia Haug Use arrow keys to move. Don't touch the red. Touch the green to advance.
Dino Run Sonia Haug Press space to jump. Collect 20 Dino eggs to win. Don't jump on rocks. Press green flag to restart.
Newt's Adventure Lance Venard Nonescan If there's trouble, Triple-Click the Green Flag! Controls: W or Up-Arrow Key= Jump A or Left-Arrow Key= Move Left D or Right- Arrow Key= Move Right
Beat Arrow Rowan Desmond Click the arrows that appear on screen in accordance to the arrow keys on your keyboard when they reach the line.
Target Game Jade Schlatter The target icon will move around randomly. Click your space key to release the target icon. Depending on which color you land on you will get a certain amount of points. If you hit the yellow bullzeye you win!
Please, Sarah, I Just Wanna See My Daughter Cameron Braddock Press the start button to begin the game Aim using the mouse's location Right Arrow has Shrek throw an onion Left Arrow has Carl throw a croissant Space has Kid Skulltrooper throwing a chug jug See how many you can take out
Fruit Dodge. Jenna Schlatter  Try to dodge the fruits and stay alive! You have 90 seconds to get your highest score... good luck!
Connect Four Alex Ramirez Arrow keys and space to drop *IMPORTANT* If you get 4 in a row, please wait because the computer cannot automatically scan. Use left and right arrow keys to move to the side and press space to drop the chip piece
Disneyland Brenna & Alexa Click goofy and then click and choose a ride!
Doodle Jump Alejandro & Jack The purpose of the game is to get as high as possible by bouncing on the paddles. Dodge the black holes Press space bar to shoot down monsters Use left and right arrow keys to move By going into the sides of the screen, you reappear on the opposite side
Maze Game Sydney Becker Try to make it through the mazes by making your way through the riddles. Collect points by hitting as many gold dots as possible.
Ping Pong Natalie Stanton Click on the green flag to start the game. Move your mouse to the ball to play. When you miss, click on the restart button for your instructions.
Pico's Quest Episode 1 Joseph Waweru DO NOT CLICK STOP TO RESET CLICK GREEN FLAGE ONLY!!! IF U CAN'T SHOOT THE FIRST ENEMY PRESS GREEN FLAG!! > Space to shoot > Up arrow to jump > Left arrow to go left > Right arrow to go right NOTE: This is an open BETA and is still in progress (leave comment for any bugs)
Zombie Slash Frankie Cigarro Press arrow keys to move. Press space to swing your katana. Last as long as you can!
PacMan Stephen Collins  
Maze Vanessa Rodriguez  
Tank Brayan Vizcaino  
Maze Deni Ratterree  
Maze Stella Ricci  
The Doughnut Chase. Jonathan Gamble  
Trumps Moving Hats Dom and Gus Follow the instructions given on the screen. Pick a hat you want Trump to hide in then follow the hat through complicated flips and switching. The guess which hat Trump is after the shuffle and you will be congratulated or ask to try again based on your answer
Break Out Lucy and Marta The objective is to hit the ball against the color wall using the paddle and to earn points.
Platform Game Fernando Lugo A fun platformer. jump past the red paint to get by.
Pong Easton and Nathan Press 1 for single player or 2 for multiplayer
player 1 controls: Left and Right arrows
player 2 controls: A, D
Tank Alex & Ulises Tank multiplayer game. 2 players required. Press Green flag to restart.
Pac Man Alan  
Maze Ivan  
Run Aldo and Oscar  
Tank Charles & Justin A single player tank battle where you try and defeat the enemy.
Drag Race Loran  
Maze Jarrod  
Memory Game Biella & Jessica  
RLS Middle School
Guitar Villain Logan and Abby Use the arrow keys.
Doodle Jump Alejandro and Jack Use the arrow keys to move and space key to shoot.
Disneyland Tour Brenna & Alexa Interactive Disney experience.
Zombie Slash Rohry and Frankie Use arrow keys to move and space bar to slash sword. Survive!
Tank Gang Antonio and Ivan Blow up your opponents tanks.
Space Invaders Israel & Fernando Human are fighting humans in space.
Finding Drake Wolfgang You need to find drake
Impossible Frogger Christian Rincon You're just a frog trying to get back to its pond.
Pong Quinn Pong: This a game where you try to score as many points possible against someone else in 30 seconds.
Spy Plane Ben This game is called Spy Plane. Fly your plane around and fire missiles at tanks.
Race Track Emma  
Tank George Use WASD to control the green tank
Aim with your mouse and press space bar to shoot
There are four levels to complete them kill the red tanks
There are power ups (Speed, Health, and Shield)