GarageBand - Competition

You are going to compose a song using Garage Band. After playing your song for the class, your classmates will vote for the most impressive song composition. You get 30 minutes to compose your what are you waiting for... Get Going!
If you forget some of the skills, that is ok. Just return to the   video tutorials  to relearn the skill. 
Competition Gradesheet!

A. Set Up Your Interface: Loops & Clock.
Your song must be no longer than 1 minute and no shorter than 40 seconds.

B. Using Loops.
  Your song must have at least 5 different Beats/Loops - each on a different track!

C. End of Project Marker.
Remember to set the Project Marker at the end of your song.

D. Automation / Volume Change.
You must apply at least 1 volume change to 1 of your 5 track.

E. Export to iTunes
You must successfully export your song to iTunes.   
 If you would like many more Loops... Main Menu / Garage Band / Sound Library / Download All Available Sounds!