The students have already been taught basic CAD skills using the online program Tinkercad. They are now going to use these skills to build a "Base, Cube & Hole." When they successfully complete it, they will have the skills necessary to then create the final project, a "Mini Maze." The "Base_Cube_Hole" specs are on the  GradeSheet (measurements!).
Log in to Tinkercad.  

Step #1: New Design and Title. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #2: Inches / Millimeter / Scale (Mobile) (You Tube)
Step #3: Build A Base on the Work Plane (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #4: Build a Cube on the Base. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #5: Insert a Hole Through The Cube & Base. (Mobile) (You Tube)
When  you are finished notify me If you are on a ChromeBook. I will access your Tinkercad account and export and print your project.