iTunes - Video Tutorial

Students learn how to quickly organize and access their audio files.

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Note: Have two windows open at the same time: One window should be this video tutorial page, and the other window should be the iTunes/Music program. As you watch the should be creating in iTunes/Music what you are seeing in the video! 

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Step #1: Import music provided music files into iTunes. (5pts.) (video) (YouTube)

Students who are at home will need to access and download files from their Google Drive:  (video) (YouTube)

Step #2: Play the songs.(5pts.) (video) (YouTube)
Step #3: Create 2 playlists. You make up the titles. Place at least 3 songs in each playlist – one song will appear in both playlists. Delete a song from a playlist. Then bring it back by using “Edit/Undo.” Delete a playlist.(5pts.) (video) (YouTube)
Helpful Hint: Select a song and drag it onto the desktop. (5pts.) (video) (YouTube)