"Dino" Green Screen
Video Tutorial

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.


These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

Step#1: Retrieving Video Files from the RLS MultiServer:

1a. Retrieve the Green Screen film clips, photos and Audio from the RLS Multimedia Server and save onto your desktop. (video) (YouTube)

Step#2: Create Event & Project - Import Video, Photos & Audio:

2a. Create a new Event and Project: “DinoGreenScreen_YourName”.  Import the video, photos and audio tracks into this event. (video) (YouTube)

Step#3: Drag the Video & Photos Onto The Timeline:

3a. Drag the video and photos onto the the timeline in the correct order. (video) (YouTube)

Step#4: Removing The Green Screen Background!

4a. Line up the green film with the background images and “Chroma Key” the background. (video) (YouTube)

Step #5: Use the Special Tools to Improve The Video Quality:

5a. Now follow these steps to improve the video quality. (video) (YouTube)

Step#6: Crop the Backgound:

6a. You will find that many films are poorly shot and the edges of the walls of the room will appear around the green screen. The “Cropping” tool will remove this. (video) (YouTube)

Step#7: Match the Slide Show Video to the Audio Narration

7a. Having the clips fade or cross disolve using pre-made transitions or slugs. (video) (YouTube)

Step#8: Don’t Cut off Heads!

Notice that the images move slightly, but many of the heads of these images are cut off. This is called the Ken Burns Effect – either turn it off or reset the Start and End points. (video) (YouTube)

Step#9: Picture in Picture:

The conclusion should have a shrunken image placed between the two students. (video) (YouTube)

Step#10: Add Intro Titles
Add a centered  title on black background at the beginning stating: “Dinosaurs.” 

Add a 2nd centered title on black background at the beginning stating: “Presented by: Prof. Lucy & Prof. Conlan.”  (video) (YouTube)

Step#11: Delete Audio
Listen to the audio tracks and remove the sections that have the director (me) talking to Prof. Lucy & Prof. Conlan (1. At the beginning when they say hello. 2. When Lucy is starting to speak about the brauntosaurus. 3. When Conlan is speaking about the TRex druing the slideshow.) (video)(YouTube)