Junk Movie (Campus Tour)
Final Cut Pro - Video Tutorial

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

In Class Camcorder Training:

  • Hand Grip
  • Power On (Screen and Button)
  • Film/Record (button and Touch screen) - Not Photos...Just record.
  • View
  • Delete
  • Pan
  • Zoom In & Out

A. Film the campus: Track, Quad & Nature Trail.
Guidelines: Film each area at least 3 times at different places and different ways in which you shoot the film (still, pan, zoom). Delete the film you don't like after you view them all on the computer. If you pan in one direction, then stop filming before you film in the other direction. If you zoom in, then stop filming before you zoom out.

Step #1: Import Video
  • 1a. A tutorial explaining how to import your video from your camcorder into Final Cut Pro. (video) (YouTube)
  • 1b. An explanation of how to import other media files into Final Cut, either from the 'Desktop' or iTunes & iPhoto.(video) (YouTube)
Understanding The Interface: Understanding the Final Cut Pro interface. (video) (You Tube)
Library, Events & Projects: An explanation of how the media files are organized using Libraries, Events and Projects.
(video) (You Tube)
Step #2: Timeline
  • 2a. An explanation of how to select and drag clips from the Browser to the Timeline. (video) (YouTube)
  • 2b. Useful tools when editing on the timeline: Playhead, Zoom & Trim. (video) (You Tube)
  • 2c. Snapping (video) (You Tube)
Step #3: Titles
  • 3a. How to insert a Black background Title. (video) (You Tube)
  • 3b. How to superimpose a title on a video clip. (video) (You Tube)
Step #4: Transitions
Step #5: Audio!
Step #6: Importing an Image
  • 6a. Learn how to import an image from the desktop and iPhoto. (video) (You Tube)
Adding A Special Effect
  • 7a. Learn how to either slow down a film or speed it up and reverse the motion of a film. (video) (You Tube)
  • 7b. Ken Burns Effect...Zoom In/Out (video) (You Tube)
Exporting a Video File From Final Cut Pro
  • Learn how to export your film as a video file onto the desktop using Final Cut Pro. (video) (You Tube)

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