Flash:"Cone Game" - Video Tutorial
RLS 8th Grade Pro Apps Class

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Explanation of Flash and Present Model to be recreated. (video) (mobile) (YouTube)

Step #1: Download Files

1a. Download the “ModelFlash_Devil&Cones” Folder from the “RLSMultimediaServer” to your desktop. (video) (mobile) (YouTube)

Step #2: Open File & Create a Stage.
Step #3: Organizing the Stage.
  • 3a. Use Guides and the grid to evenly space the images and text that will be placed on the stage. (video) (mobile) (YouTube)

Step #4: Add Image to the Stage.

4a. Bring the Blue Devil onto the stage. (video) (mobile) (YouTube)

Step #5: Image Resize
Step #6: Layers & Cones
  • 6. Create a layer for each independently moving item on the page & add a cone to each of the layers. (video) (mobile) (YouTube)
Step #7: Add Motion
Step #8: Add Text
Step #9: Cones Rise & Blue Devil Appears

Questions? jharrington@sthelena.k12.ca.us