Photoshop - Video Tutorials

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

Steps To Download SHUSD Adobe Photoshop: click here!
Note: Anytime you want to open Photoshop, first log into your school google account, then you will be able to open Photoshop.

Reminder: How to Right Click on a Macintosh... (video)

Step #1: Folders

1a. Create a folder on your desktop and title it: "RLSAthletics_Photoshop."(mobile) (YouTube)

Step #2: Acquire Images
  • 2a. Download 4 images seen in model and place in folder. (mobile) (YouTube)
Step #3: Canvas
  • 3a. Create appropriate canvas and save project. (mobile) (YouTube)

Step #4: Inserting Text & Bending Text (Turn Off "Tool Tips.")

Step #5: Import Images
  • 5a. Import the four images to the canvas and importing an image that is too big for the canvas. (mobile) (YouTube)
Step #6: Remove Backgrounds & Selection Tools
  • 6a. Selecting layers & moving images on a canvas. (mobile) (YouTube)
  • 6b. Removing background color of an image & understanding selection tools. (mobile) (YouTube)
Step #7: Resize
Step #8: Drop Shadow & Arranging Layers
Step #9: Trim
  • 9a. Reduce the canvas to the size of the final image: Trim. (mobile) (YouTube)
Finally: How To Compress & Export An Image
  • After you create the image in Photoshop, you must compress it and export it so that it can be used by other applications: (mobile) (YouTube)