Importing The Animation
To Final Cut Pro &
Adding Audio/Special Effects


These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

A. Overview Of Model Video

  • A quick look at what the students will create in this video. (video) (You Tube)
B. The Interface: Library, Events & Projects
Step #1: Import Video To Final Cut Pro
Step #2: Timeline
  • 2a. An explanation of how to select and drag clips from the Browser to the Timeline. (video) (You Tube)
  • 2b. Useful tools when editing on the timeline: Playhead, Zoom, Trim, Razor & Edit Undo. (video) (You Tube)
Step #3: Titles
  • 3a. How to insert Titles on a color background or superimpose on images. Also, font size, color and move text. (video) (You Tube)
Step #4: Transitions
Step #5: Audio!
Step #6: Special Effects - Zoom!
  • 6a. Use the Crop, Trim & Ken Burns tool to zoom in on specific scenes in your video. You will also learn how to reuse a sement of your film multiple times. (video) (You Tube)