These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.

Instructor's Model Problem Slideshow & Solution Slideshow


Overview of Model Video

  • Students will take a quick look at the model Slideshow created by the instructor. As they watch this tutorial, they will create their own “Problem” & “Solution” Slideshow Videos. (Mobile) (You Tube)
Training For "Problem" & "Solution" Slideshows:
Step #1:Read Your Script
  • 1a.Read your script to determine the number and type of images you will need for both your “Problem” Slideshows. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #2: How To Acquire Images & Then Get the images (Mobile) (You Tube)
Step #3: Acquiring The Narration   
  • 3a. The student read their script and created a narration by either using the computer microphone or their personal phones. They bought these audio files onto their timeline. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #4: Match the images to the Narration
  • 4a. The students will now import all their images into Final Cut Pro. The will bring the images onto the timeline and match the image to what is being said in the narration. The images will appear between 4 to 6 seconds each. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #5: Add Titles & Transitions.
  • 5a. Add a title to the beginning of the slideshow.
  • 5b. Now add transitions to the points recommended in the training video.¬† (Mobile) (You Tube)
Step #6: Add Ken Burns Effects
  • 6a. Add a Ken Burns effect to at least half (if not all) of your images. (Mobile) (You Tube)

Step #7: Add Music

  • 7a. Add a sound track (no lyrics).
  • 7b. Add a volume change when the narration begins.
  • 7c. Conclude the slideshow with a Fade Out! (Mobile) (You Tube)