Flash: "Endangered Animals" Animation -
Video Tutorial
Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Reminder: How to Right Click on a Macintosh... (video)

Explanation of how this Flash tutorial series will take place.. (video)

Pease view the full length Flash animation (no audio). (video)

Now view the shortened Model to be recreated by the student (no audio). (video)

Step #1: Retrieving Files From The 'RLS Multimedia Server.'

  • 1a. Download the “ModelFlash_EndangeredAnimal” Folder from the “RLSMultimediaServer” to your desktop. (video)
Step #2: Open File & Create a Stage in Flash.
  • 2a. Open Flash and create a new Flash file and set the stage to: w 1100px & h 700px. (video)
Step #3: Organizing the Stage.
  • 3a. Use Rulers, Guides and the Grid to evenly space the images and text that will be placed on the stage. (video)

Step #4: Add Image to the Library.

  • 4a. Import the images to the Library. (video)
Step #5: Adding Layers / Drag Images Onto The Stage / Resizing Images.
  • 5a. Create a layer for each independently moving item on the page. Also: KeyFrames & Resizing an image. (video)
Step #6: Motion & Multiple Images / "SAVE AS!"
  • 6a1. Add the same image multiple times to an animation & make it move. (video)
  • 6a2. Repetition - shows how to apply motion to all the salmon and lengthen of all the layers so they are equal at the end. (video)
  • 6b Save Time..."SAVE AS!"Create 1 comprehensive file then 'SaveAs" the two files that are being seen in the Model that you are recreating. Title them:"1.Indian Girl" and "2.Eagle." Place in a folder on your Desktop called: "FlashAnimation_Model." Finish by applying Motion to the Eagle.(video)
Step #7: Oops, I Messed Up! Working With Frames & KeyFrames.
  • 7a. Edit Undo. (video)
  • 7b. Removing Frames. (video)
  • 7c. Keyframes and Blank Keyframes (video)
Step #8: Export A Video File
  • 8a. Export 2 video file from each of your Flash Animation Files ("1.Indian Girl" and "2.Eagle.") into a Folder on Your Desktop called "FlashVideo_Model." (video)
Tips To Help You Get Started With Your Animation...
  • Read your script and write on your Gradesheet a name and a time for each of the scenes in your animation - This is the length of time that you will have each one of these scenes appear in your animation.
  • Resizing an image being imported to a canvas. Then resize and your backdrop (W1100 x H700). (video) (You Tube)
  • Converting and exporting images to .png in Photoshop prior to importing them into Flash. (video) (You Tube)
    (Export your background image as a .png file and save it to a folder on your desktop called “Images_ForMyAnimation.)

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