pamn Instructor: Pam Nadeau  
Class: Music
Project Description: Pam new that if her students could hear the music played correctly as they were practicing, it would help them tremendously. Pam played and recorded the pieces on the same instruments the students would be using. She then uploaded these audio files to the internet. She created QR codes that the students could scan with their phones that would link them to the online audio files. She pasted the QR codes to the actual sheet music.


Unit Song  
  "When the Saints Go Marching In" (QR Music Sheet)
  "Taking Care of Business" (QR Music Sheet)
  "Crunch Time" (QR Music Sheet)
  "Wild Thing" (QR Music Sheet)
  "Tequila" (QR Music Sheet)
  "Star Spangled Banner" (QR Music Sheet)
Unit Song  
  Cornet #1_"Phantom Patrol" (QR Music Sheet)
  Cornet #2_"Phantom Patrol" (QR Music Sheet)