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Explanation of Google Drawings:

Google Drawing allows you to make an image consisting of geometric shapes and text. It can be useful when trying to add a visual to a project.

Example:Ms. Kurtz wanted her students to create a Plot Mountain as they learned the Elements of Literature. Above is an image a student created for the project. It is made up of lines, angles and text boxes.

Create an image using Google Drawing:

It is very easy. to create an image using Google Drawing. I recommend you open a blank page and just play with all the tools so that you can get a better idea of all the possibilities. Lets try to recreate the image above.

  • Go to your Google Drive.
  • Select Create and select, Drawing.
  • Please title your drawing: "Plot Mountain."
  • Canvas: The canvas is the drawing surface that is facing you. The small grey and white boxes on the canvas allow you to line up your image - these boxes will not appear on your final image. You have the ability to resize your canvas by clicking on and pulling the shaded triangle in the bottom right hand corner. We will just use the standard canvas size.
  • Many of the features in Google Drawing are the same as the tools you have been using in Google Docs, Presentation, Sites, etc., so it will be easy to learn

1. Learning How to Use The Drawing Tools...Just Play! (lines, shapes & text) (Mobile) (Flash)

2. Step-By-Step Guide on how to create a Plot Mountain for Ms. Kurtz, Elements or Literature project. (Mobile) (Flash)