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Login & View The Model Site: 
Students, login to your Google Account. (mobile) (Flash)

Accessing Files
I am providing you with all of the images necessary to recreate the model. If you have a Google account (S.H.U.S.D.), you can access all the files via the "Shared with me" link. If not, click here to access a special page. I created this page so that you can download the files to your desktop and then upload them to your Google Drive.

Explanation of Training:

First Segment – Create a Slide Presentation
Students will recreate a 5-slide Model Presentation. Please view ‘ModelGooglePresentation_St.HelenaArchitecture.” This is what you will recreate.View the model presentation.
Goal: Anyone who recreates this model presentation will have all the skills necessary to quickly make a website.

Second Segment – Publish a Video Slide Show to the Web

First Segment: Create a Slide Presentation

Step #1: Understanding the Workspace – Google Presentation. (mobile) (Flash)

1a.  Tour the Model presentation:  (ModelGooglePresentation_St.HelenaArchitecture).

Step #2: Creating a Web Page & Linking to Additional Pages (mobile) (Flash)

2a. Create a new presentation: Main Menu / File / New. 

  • Select a Theme (“Spotlight”).
  • Select a Layout (“Title Slide”).
  • Title the presentation: “YourName_ModelGooglePresentation”. 

Step #3:  Add Text & Format (mobile) (Flash)

3a. Type the title (view Model – “St. Helena Architecture”). Format the text (Bold, Red, 42, Arial).
3b. Type the subtitle (view Model – “Historical Architecture on Main Street”). Format the text. (Bold, Black, 24, Arial).

Step #4: Create A New Slide Then Multiple Slides (Save Time!) (mobile) (Flash)

  • 4a. Create a new slide (+) with Layout: “Title and Body”.
    • 4a1. Add title (“Carnegie Building”; 36, Bold, Arial, center), hit return and add the subtitle (“St. Helena Historical Architecture on Main Street”; 18, Bold, Arial, center).
    • 4a2. Add text – view model (14, Bold, Arial, white)
    • 4a3. Format slide: Resize the text boxes. Move the title to the top and text to the bottom of the slide.
  • 4b. Create the three additional slides (Speed & Consistency)
    • 4b1. Either duplicate or copy & paste this slide 3 times (either right click or Main Menu/File).
    • 4b2. Look at the Model and change the Titles & Text on slides 3,4,5.

Step #5: Inserting Images (mobile) (Flash)

5a. Insert the image of the Gas Station onto the Background of Slide #1.
5b. Insert the image of the Carnegie Bldg. onto Slide #2. Resize and move into place.
5c. Insert the image of the Richie Block Bldg. onto Slide #3. Resize and move into place.
5d. Insert the image of Vintage Hall onto Slide #4. Resize and move into place.

Step #6: Insert Videos (YouTube) (mobile) (Flash)

6a. Insert YouTube Video: ‘DrivingMainSt_St.Helena’ onto slide #5 (link is on the website.)

Step #7: Insert Links (mobile) (Flash)

7a. Create a link from “St. Helena High School” on slide 4 (Vintage Hall) to the high school’s web page: http://shusd.schoolwires.com/Domain/233 (copy link on website; link must function correctly).

Step #8: Call Outs, Arrows, Shapes, Text Boxes and Item Order. (mobile) (Flash)

8a. Create call out on slide #3 (Include text: “Town coo coo clock”). Also include an arrow pointing at clock.
8b. Create text box on slide #5 (Include text: “A view of Main Street when driving South to North.”).

Step #9: Transitions (mobile) (Flash)

9a. Select a slide: MainMenu / Transition. Right side menu: Select ‘Fade” ‘Med”. Apply to all slides.
You Are Done Creating a Presentation
Second Segment: Publish a Video Slideshow to the Web

Step #10: Publish to Web (mobile) (Flash)

10a. Open: Main Menu / File / Publish To Web. Copy the link. Change timer so viewer is not rushed. Select “Start Slideshow.”