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A spreadsheet is an excellent tool to use when making sense out of data. A spreadsheet not only calculates the data, but it also offers the user the ability to create charts in order to present the data.

The Student Edition trains a student how to quickly make a basic spreadsheet and chart. This is followed by a "Comprehensive Skills" section, which offers additional time saving tips.

First, below you will see the Model Spreadsheet which you will recreate using Google Spreadsheet. Second, you are being provided with a Gradesheet that acts as a step-by-step guide;. Finally, look at the Video Tutorials (below) - notice how each step exactly matches the steps called for in the gradesheet; if you follow each of the steps, you will successfully recreate the model. When you finish recreating the Model Piece, try testing your new skills by creating the Review Piece. If you have time, venture into the "Comprehensive Skills" section which offers some time saving tips.

Image Subject Application Purpose Description Model Piece Gradesheet & Step-By-Step Guide Online Video Tutorial
sheetsicon Utilizing a Spreadsheet inorder to make sense out of data. Google Spreadsheet Training Students will learn the skills necessary to create a spreadsheet using Google Spreadsheet.

Model Piece
Google Spreadsheet

Review Piece

Google Spreadsheet

Online Video Training
Google Spreadsheet
Student Edition

Comprehensive Skills