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An operating system of a computer is the software that allows all the parts, hardware, software and user, to communicate with each other so that tasks are successfully done. Example: When you are looking at the monitor and click the mouse for a document you created in Microsoft Word to print on your HP printer, it is the operating system that listens to your command via mouse and has all the hardware (printer, mouse, monitor) and software (Word & HP) work together so that you get your printed document.

Don't be scared, Mac's operating system is very user friendly and the few training videos below will quickly provide you with everything you need to know so that you will be up and running in minutes.

Image Subject Application Purpose Description Model Piece Gradesheet Online Video Tutorial
macos Mac O.S. Finder Training Useful tips that will allow you to easily use the Mac Operating System.


Not Necessary

Mac OS Gradesheet

Mac OS Online Video Training