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Windows 8

By now you should have been provided with a new Lenovo Thinkpad. There are many innovations with this PC. The greatest change is the new Operating System… Windows 8! This is where most of the training will focus. Although the new O.S. 8 interface looks completely different from previous versions, don't be intimidated, it is fairly simple to learn. This training has been designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.These online training videos will allow you to learn at your own speed, so just relax and follow each of the steps below.

Note: In the coming weeks, I will continue to develop and provide an expanding number of online video tutorials based upon many of the applications you will see on your Start Menu. Just return to the Teacher Training Page for a complete list. Contact me if you prefer individual or group training: jharrington@sthelena.k12.ca.us


1. Welcome
Overview of new computer and training. (mobile) (Flash)

2. Power & Logging In (Sleep Mode and Red Light)
Press the power button & login with your new password. (mobile) (Flash)
When you Login for the very first time, you will be viewing the Desktop in the latest Windows 8.1
Note: Do Not Change Your Password...Ever!

3. Hardware:

3a. Screen Rotation
Try it: Tablet, Tent & Laptop. (mobile) (Flash)

3b. Ports & Buttons
Look right (power, vga, usb), then Left (Sim, SD, ethernet, HDMI, USB, audio). (mobile) (Flash)

3c1. Connecting a Projector (Keyboard Fn7)
Connect VGA to adaptor to port on Lenovo. If no image, follow sync steps. (mobile) (Flash)

3c2. Projector Cycle
Explanation of projector cycle. (mobile) (Flash)

3c3. Screen Image Size and Projector
Explanation of the reduced computer image when a projector is attached. (mobile) (Flash)

3d. Keyboard Functions
Look at the top row on the keyboard: speaker, brightness, projector, wireless, settings, search, Apps. (mobile) (Flash)

3e1. Intro: Trackpad, Track Button, Track Point & Touch Screen
Point to the Trackpad, Track buttons, Track Point and the Touch Screen. (mobile) (Flash)

3e2. Trackpad
Learn to select, scroll, zoom and right click for options. (mobile) (Flash)

4. Windows OS 8 Interface

4a. The Start Screen: Opening an Application
Select an App. on the Start Screen. Click on Windows key to return. (mobile) (Flash)

4b. Viewing Open Applications - The Left Menu
Swipe from the black border on the left side of the screen, or... (mobile) (Flash)

4c. Viewing Application Options - Top & Bottom Menus
With an open App. either pull down on the top menu or right click on an unused portion of the App. window: (mobile) (Flash)

4d1. Viewing System Tools - Right Menu (Search Tools)
Swipe from right black border on the right side of the screen, or (mobile) (Flash)

4d2. Search Tool:Reconnecting the Wireless Connection
Want to find an App. or a file? Type Wireless or the name of a file into the Search field. (mobile) (Flash)

4e. Viewing All Applications
Select the F12 Key, top row of the keyboard, or enter the name of a specific App. in Search. (mobile) (Flash)

4f. Customizing the Start Screen: Adding, Removing, Moving and Resizing.
Swipe black edge on the base of the screen.Select Customize.Click and move App then right click on App (mobile) (Flash)

4g. Closing Applications
Drag open App off bottom of screen, or right click on hidden Appls on left border and select close.(mobile) (Flash)

4h. Shut Down or Sleep
Close lid or tap the power key for sleep, and for shutdown, close Apps. and hold power button for five seconds or Settings/Power/Shutdown. (mobile) (Flash)

4i1. Desktop - Explanation
Uncomfortable with Windows 8 Start Screen? Then interact with the Desktop. (mobile) (Flash)

4i2. Desktop - Tour of Shortcuts Provided & Wireless
The Desktop offers fast access to a number of online sites and a link to turning your wireless on. (mobile) (Flash)

Additional Helpful Features - Working on it...coming soon!

5. Creating Folders on Server or Computer To Save Work, then Creating a Shortcut to Desktop or Start Screen
Microsoft recommends that

5a. Sharing Folders with Other Teachers on School Network.
Open File Explorer on bottom toolbar of the Desktop. Select your server space icon, create folder, right click, share, add teachers' names.

6. Transfering Files from Your Old PC to Your New Lenovo
Easy: Drag and Drop from on Flash Drive or Server, from old to new.

7. Changing the Desktop Image - Slideshow
Select the Control Panel tile on Start Screen, Personalization, link to your images. (

8. Change Computer Sleep Time
Search, enter "Sleep," or, swipt right edge, Change Settings, PC and Devices, Power and Sleep.

9. Wireless: Turn it on and Log onto Additional Wireless Networks
Easy: Desktop/Bottom Toolbar, or Settings/Available, or Search/Wireless.

10. Printers:
Select the Control Panel tile on Start Screen, Personalization, link to your images.

11. Email: You Now Have 3 Emails...
The District has asked that you check the three different emails that have been set up for you: Your old email, Your new Outlook and Gmail.

Additional Application Training found on your Desktop

A. Jing: Allows you to either take snapshots or film your desktop.
Explanation of how teachers can use Jing in their curriculum.