Competition #2: “Coolest Race Car – The Nicest Design.”
Design – Draw Car to Scale on Draft Paper.

The “Coolest Race Car” may not be fast, but will voted on by the class as having the nicest design. Student Teams will discuss and begin drawing their  “Cool Car.” Once they have a concept, begin drawing it to scale on the drafting paper that will be provided to you. There are a few specifications that all “Cool Cars” must adhere to:
Description: ECS&CSP:SHHSClasses:ECS:3dPrinting_Cars_ECS:RaceCarImages:RocketCar_Front.png

Maximum Car Dimensions:

    • Height: 1 inch  (Body of the car, not including wheels.)(5pts.)
    • Width: 1 inch  (Body of the car, not including wheels.) (5pts.)
    • Length: 4 inches. (5pts.)

Drawing: (View Model Drawing below.)
Your drawing must contain:

    • Front View with Wheels, Axle and measurements. (5pts.)
    • Rear View with Wheels, Axle and measurements. (5pts.)
    • Side View with Wheels, Axle holes and measurements. (5pts.)
    • Axle with measurements (5pts.)
    • Wheel with measurements. (5pts.)


CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Construct “Race Car” Using Tinkercad
Students must complete their “Race Car” drawing and show it to the instructor prior to building it in Tinkercad.
Students will build their “Cool Car” using Tinkercad. When they are done, they will submit it to the instructor for review. The instructor will then export and print the pieces of the student’s “Cool Car” on a 3d Printer; the student will assemble the car. Student gets full credit when their “Cool Car” prints correctly.
Although we will will also race these cars, the points will be acquired by the cars design voted on by the class, not the car’s speed.
Winner = 100 pts.
2nd Place = 90 pts.
3rd Place = 80 pts.
4th Place = 70 pts.
5th Place 60 pts.
6th Place = 50 pts.