Overview of collaborative efforts in which Technology Students are supporting the core classes.
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"The Big Kahuna": Star Wars
Pam Nadeau_Music QR
Jen Allenson Math Tutorials
Spelling Series (Erin Kurtz)
Kendra Kelperis - Art
Map Making (ToddMills)
Spanish Reading Series
St. Helena Primary Shool
Jason Kelperis Algebra 2
"Early Man" - Rob Grace Google Docs
Erin Kurtz_Elements Of Literature_GoogleSites
"Anna's Training Videos" - Green Screen
Vintner's Brochures
Speech & Presentation Guidelines (Erin Kurtz)
Kendra Kelperis Culminating Art Work Student Video
Todd Mills - "SpiceTrade"
Jen Marinace_Food Heritage
Marinace 'Class Guidelines'
Library eBooks Tutorial
Yosemite 8th Graders 2014
Mobile or Flash
Todd Mills -
Historical Video Tours
Rob Grace Greek Audio
Rob Grace_3 Schools
Model / VideoTutorials: (Mobile) (Flash)
Mills History Play Band
Mobile or YouTube
First Week _ RLS Activities