Developing  Your New Skills – “Peg, Cube & Sphere” (40 pts.)
Students will develop their CAD skills by successfully attaching a Cube to a Sphere with a peg. The peg sits in a hole that was formed in both shapes. This skill is the basis for the car that the students will soon create. Grade Sheet

  • Create  a Cube: H: .5” x W: .5 x L: .5”
  • Create a Sphere: H: .5” x W: .5 x L: .5”
  • Create a peg that can slide in one side of each of these geometric shapes, but not out the opposite side. The two shapes should be able to touch when the peg is inside of them. 4. Create a Peg: H: .175” x W: .175” x L: .85”
  • Create a Hole: H: .2” x W: .2” x L: .9”  

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials:

  1. Model: Cube_Peg_Sphere (Mobile) (YouTube)
  2. New Project Set Up (Mobile) (YouTube)
  3. Create Cube (Mobile) (YouTube)
  4. Create Sphere (Mobile) (YouTube)
  5. Create Hole & Export (Mobile) (YouTube)
  6. Create Peg (Mobile) (YouTube)