Tinkercad Training

  1. Students will be shown the instructor’s original “Race Car” Models in Tinkercad.
  2. The Instructor will explain/show the students what Computer Aided Design (CAD) is.
  3. Students will create a Tinkercad account at:  https://www.tinkercad.com
  4. The instructor will provide the students with a class Invite Code (Provided to the instructor on their Teach Tab).
    • Class Code For 3rdTrimester : SBSE KBTS S5KF
    •  Student Nickname Passwords: Click Here.
  5. Students will begin to learn how to use Tinkercad by completing a series of tutorials with a partner. Students will show their partners that they completed the tutorial and the partner will initial their partner’s Grade Sheet that they saw it.   To access online tutorials, First log on to Tinkercad. Then select the "Learn" tab. Scroll down the page to the "Start Learning 3D" section. Also, select, "Learn More 3D." Now begin each of the online tutorials - as you watch the video, you should do it! Each time you successfully recreate what is shown in the video, show your partner will initial your gradesheet so that you will get credit.
    • Place It
    • View It.
    • Move It.
    • Rotate It.
    • Size It Up.
    • Group It.
    • Copy It.
    • Duplicate It.
    • Hide It. 
    • Align It.
  6. Students will apply their new CAD skills by creating a "Peg, Cube & Sphere."