The Internet

Learn how the multi-layered systems of the internet function as you collaboratively solve problems and puzzles about encoding and transmitting data, both ‘unplugged’ and using’s Internet Simulator. cy.

Chapter 1: Representing & Transmitting Information
U2Ch1L1: Welcome to the Internet Students will acquire a greater understanding of how the internet works. Click Here.
U2Ch1L2:Building a Network Students will build a number of physical networks.
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U2Ch1L3:The Need For Addressing (IP) Students will learn how devices communicate with each other on a network.
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U2Ch1L4: Routers & Redundancy Students will discover how routers help manage the paths that different messages take. 
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U2Ch1L5: Packets Students will see that all information on the internet is broken into smaller chunks called packets and reassembled at the destination.
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U2Ch1L6: DNS & HTTP Students will understand the role of DNS and HTTP on the Internet.
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Unit 2_The Physical Network of the Internet Students will see how information is transmitted on the physical network of the internet: Light, Wire & Radio. Click Here.
Unit 2: Internet Review Students will bring all the terms that they learned that make the internet function successfully and show and explain the entire process. Click Here.