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Computer Science

Student will work within the foundational concepts of Computer Science: The Internet, Digital Information, Intro to Programming & Algorithms and Big Data & Privacy.


Pre Field Trips:
Intel & Comp. Hist. Mus.

"Silicon Lite"- How a semiconductor is manufactured: Gradesheet / Video: Mobile or YouTube

"Revenge of the Nerds" - History of the Major Players in Silicon Valley:
Video & Crossword Puzzles: Click Here!

Click Here.
Log on To Code.org Code.org is a support site that provides in depth interactive materials covering a range of topics. Click Here.
Unit1_The Internet

Students will learn how to develop protocols to communicate binary data. They will also acquire a comprehensive knowledge of how the internet works.

Click Here.
Unit2_Digital Information Students will explore the ways that digital information is encoded, represented and manipulated. Click Here.
Unit3_Algorithms & Programming
This unit introduces the foundational concepts of computer programming. Students will learn Javascript to write their own Apps.
Note: The concepts learned in these lessons span all programming languages and tools.
Click Here.
Unit4_Big Data & Privacy
This unit presents a balanced view about data in the world, including the positive and negative effects of it, and to understand how modern encryption works.
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Unit5_Building Apps This unit continues the introduction of foundational concepts of computer programming, which unlocks the ability to make rich, interactive apps. This course uses JavaScript as the programming language, and App Lab as the programming environment to build apps, but the concepts learned in these lessons span all programming languages and tools. 1 Click Here.

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