Podcasts (Gradesheet)
Below is a selection of podcast covering a number of disciplines that I found fascinating.


Darkode (Radiolab) - Start at 20:05: Click here.
Explains the beginning of the dark net.

Deep Fake (Radiolab): Click here.
Shows new tech software advances, but leaves the question, is our democracy at stake?

Hacking the iPhone (Planet Money): Click here.
Interesting insight into the life of hackers.

Technology & Productivity (Planet Money): Click here.
So, how much has technology helped raise productivity??

Eye in the Sky (Planet Money): Click here.
A very creative and successful use of technology...but then why did it fail?

Artificial Intelligence: Andrew Moore (Carnegie Mellon U.) on Charlie Rose

Software Jobs: Click here.

Big Data Revolution (Ted Radio Hour_NPR): Click here.

The Anti-Store - Costco (Planet Money): Click here.

Max and the Schnauzer (Car Talk): Click here.

Growing Up Online: Click here.

Dinopocalypse Redux (Radiolab): Click here.

Driverless Dilemma (Radiolab): Click here.

DIY Universe (Radiolab): Click here.

Leadership (Ted Talk): Click here.

The Rise of Putin (NPR) Click here.