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Unit 6: Engineering & 3D Printing

Students will design and draft the specs for a racing car. They will create a Computer Aided Design (CAD) of their drawing and then send it to a 3d printer to become reality. Finally, the students willmrace their cars on a 'Hot Wheels' track to determine the Champion.

Project Description: "Design & Build a Race Car."

Project Description:
“Race Cars” Team Competition (Syllabus and Gradesheet!)
Student teams will design and build a race car and compete against the other class teams. There are two titles the teams will be competing for:
Competition #1. Fastest Race Car.
Competition #2. Coolest Car…The Nicest Design.

Video of Students Racing Cars they Designed and Built.
1. Tinkercad Training

Students will begin to learn how to use Tinkercad by completing a series of tutorials

Click here.
2.Peg, Cube, Sphere & Hole.

Developing  Your New Skills – “Peg, Cube & Sphere” (40 pts.)
Students get to apply their newly learned CAD skills by successfully creating a Cube and Sphere that are connected with a peg.

Click here.
4. 'Fastest' Race Car Students will learn how to draft, CAD and finally build a basic race car using a 3D printer. Click here.
6. 'Cool' Race Car Students will design & draft the specifications of a race car that they think is 'Cool'. They will eventually CAD and finally build their car using a 3D printer. Click here.

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