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Students, login to your Google Account. (mobile) (Flash)

Explanation of Training::

First Segment – Recreate the Model Spreadsheet: (mobile) (Flash)
Students will recreate a Model Spreadsheet. It will be comprised of data showing the amount of funds raised by students at their annual “Run For Funds” event. (Goal: Anyone who recreates this model will have the skills necessary to make a Google Spreadsheet.)

Second Segment – Create Charts:
Students will create charts based on the data they entered in the First Segment. Graphs are visuals that make it easier to understand the data.

Third Segment – Review
Students will apply the skills they learned in the First & Second Segments to a Review chart and spreadsheet. If you forget a particular skill, just replay the video tutorial.

1st Segment: Recreate the Model Spreadsheet

Step #1: Create and Title a Spreadsheet
1a. In your Google Drive, create a folder and title it, “ModelGoogleSpreadsheet_YourName.”Copy the title. (2pts) (mobile) (Flash)
1b. Open the folder. Create a “Spreadsheet. Title it: “ModelGoogleSpreadsheet_YourName.”Paste the title.(3pts)

Step #2: Explanation of the Interface (click here for .pdf)
2a. Explain Interface (view Interface Handout). (mobile) (Flash)
2b. Explain cell Reference Numbers. (mobile) (Flash)

Step #3: Enter Text & Auto Fill, Deleting, Undo & Formula Bar (You will format the text in future steps.)
3a. Type “Sixth Graders,” “Seventh Graders,” “Eighth Graders,”  & “Total.” (Try entering via cell and formula bar). (mobile) (Flash)
3b. Type “2009” & “2010.“ Auto Fill the remaining cells (Auto Fill Copy & Sequence; Must complete two cells for Auto Fill Sequence to work). Add “Average Funds.”

Step #4:  Enter Data
4a. Enter the data provided in the Model Spreadsheet. (Do not add any numbers to the “Average” column & “Total” row. You will compute this later). (mobile) (Flash)

Step #5: Insert a Row / Merge Cells / Resize & Auto Resize
5a. Insert a row above the “Years” row and type the title, “RLS “Run For Funds” Dollars Raised.” (mobile) (Flash)
5b. In this title row, select the cells from column “A” to the “Average Funds” column. Merge the Cells!
5c. Click on the right edge of Column A (gray) when resize arrow appears and manually resize the column.
5d. Select the “Column B” dropdown and click “Resize Column,” / “Fit To Data.” Resize the other columns.

Step #6: Text Formatting / Alignment / Bold / Font / Size / Cell Shading
6a. Select the title cell: center, bold, size 12, Arial. Cell shading: dark red. Highlight the text: color yellow. (mobile) (Flash)
6b. Select Grades cells = Bold, Arial, Black & size 10. Select “Weeks” cells = Bold, Arial, Black & size 10.
6c.  Shade “Total” row & “Average Funds” column cells a light gray.

Step #7: Function Key: Sum, Average (Auto Fill) & Currency (Dollar Sign) (mobile) (Flash)
7a. Create a Total for 2009 using the “Functions” button. Auto Fill the remaining years.
7b  Create an Average for the “Sixth Graders,” using the “Functions” button and Auto Fill the remaining years.
7c.  Apply Dollar signs: MM / Format / Number / Currency.

Step #8: Borders
8a. Create a border to surround everything but the Title. (mobile) (Flash)

2nd Segment: Create A 6th Grade Student Website – A Tab For Each Class

Step #9: Create A Chart
9a. Create Chart (mobile) (Flash)

  • Select Cell. Select “Insert Graph” button. Select “Data Range” button, then highlight the data that will appear in the chart, “ok.” Select the chart type.
  • Select the “Customize” tab. Add Title. Add horizontal and vertical titles.
  • Return to the Start “Tab.” Check “Switch rows…”, “Use column A headers”, & “Use row 2…”
  • “Insert.”

3rd Segment: Review

Step #10: Recreate the Review Spreadsheet and Chart. (click here to view)
Note: If you forget any of the steps when recreating the spreadsheet & chart, just click on the matching link to review the video.

You Are Done!

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