Students will design, build and program robots that will perform in a number of events.

Robot Assembly Students will assemble a V5 Clawbot Robot as they follow a step-by-step guide. Step-by-Step Guide
Pairing Controller & V5 Robot Brain (& Reset!) Students will create a connection between their micro controller and their robot. Pairing Guide
Reset Controller
Reset Brain
Competition: "In The Zone!" Students will compete against their classmates with their Clawbots. Students will eventually make several trips to Napa H.S. to compete against their students.

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Competition: "Tower Takeover." Students will reengineer their robots so that they can lift the blocks into the towers. Click Here
Install Vex Coding Studio Students will download "VEXcode V5 Blocks" & "VEXcode V5 Text"which are the application they will use to code their robots. Click Here.
Programming Motion &
The Labyrinth Challenge

Students will begin the process of learning how to code their robots so that they successfully complete the Labyrinth Challenge using "VEXcode V5 Blocks."

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Programming the Controller & Minefield Competition Students will learn how to code their Controller so that their Robot can receive and respond to signals sent to it. They will then apply these skills in "Mine Field Competition."

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Programming The Sensors Students will learn how to code their robot so that it will respond to a variety of sensors: 1. Bumper, 2. Limit Switch, 3. Ultrasonic Range Finder, 4. Color/LightSensor, 5. Vision Sensor. Click Here.
Preparing for Vex Regional Competition. Students will design and build a robot to compete in a Vex Regional Competition. Click Here.