Exploring Computer Science!
Video Explaining ECS & CSP Course Content: (Mobile) (YouTube)
Video Explaining to 7th Graders Why They Should Take 8th Grade ECS. (Mobile) (YouTube)

Curriculum Explanation

Video showing how semiconductors are made. (click here). (YouTube!)

My First Web Page_ Model_Assignment & GradeSheet
Edits: My Second Web Page.

Helpful Codes:

BasicWeb_AssignmentCode:SF&WorldMap_ModelSite_Images: SF & Worldmap.

Review Basic Website_Assignment_Images: Class & Flor de lis

Files & Folders: Model_Assignment_Images: Blue & Red

Wrapping Text Around An Image & Constraining An Image

Tables & Nav Bars, Lists, Background Images: Model & Code. Download Image (click here) (.jpg)

Review: Tables, Nav Bars, Lists & Background Images: Model

Review Game!

HTML Test: Web Pages with text: Lincoln & Washington. Images: Lincoln and Washington

Photoshop Training: Model / Gradesheet / Video Tutorials

Students HTML Resort Websites (click here)

Building a website based on External Style Sheets (click here.)

Final Web Project: Apply External CSS To Resort Website: Gradesheet.

Triumph Of The Nerds (click here)

Scratch: Sample Sites / Student Projects / Join Scratch / Dancing Cat Model Video (Mobile) (You Tube) / Step-by-Step Guide / Grade Sheet /

Name Game Puzzle Competition: Model Morphing Names & Grade Sheet

Dialogue & Timing: "Telling A Joke". Model (or You Tube), Storyboard & Gradesheet....Student Samples!


Event Driven Programming_"Alphabet Learning Game" (Scratch): Model, Backdrop Image & Gradesheet.

Broadcasting_"Darth Vader's Family Gets Him a Job at Google!" (Scratch): Model, Script & Gradesheet.

Variables _ "The Healthy Food Choices Game" Model, Gradesheet & Variable Def.

Conditionals ("If/Then Statements")_ Happy Birthday...Guess My Age!_ Model (Sample Age for Model is 51), Gradesheet & Screen Shot of Code

              1. Recreate the Model Program (You were given the code.)
              2. You will be asked to explain how each line of code functions in the program.

Randomness: Dice Model

Randomness: SlotMachine_ Model, Gradesheet, Images: Slot Machine (Hearts: Queen, King, Jack, Ace), (Clubs: Queen, King, Jack, Ace) ,(Diamonds: Queen, King, Jack, Ace), (Spades: Queen, King, Jack, Ace).

Randomness, Conditional, Broadcasting - Rock/Paper/Scissors: Images: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Backdrop, Info, Laptop;
Functioning Model; View Broken Code and Make it just like the Functioning Model. Gradesheet.

Timer: Students will create 3 programs. Each program builds onto the previous program or the student's prior coding skills. Gradesheet

Directional Arrow Keys: Students will create 4 programs. Each program builds onto the previous program or the student's prior coding skills. Grade Sheet

Color Sensor: Tank_ Model To Recreate_ Gradesheet _ TankImage

Shooting Objects: The Dragon and the Wizard (Model & Gradesheet)


Scratch Final Project: Create a Game