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"Exploring Computer Science" (ECS)
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Unit 5: Robots

Students will utilize their coding skills to build and program robots to compete in a variety of activities.

1. What Is A Computer?   Click here.
2. Computer Components.   Click here.
3. Dismantle & Build a Computer.   Click here.
4. Building A Computer For a Client.   Click here.
5. Silicon Lite   Click here.
6. Internet, Browser & Search Engines.   Click here.
7. Digital Communication.   Click here.
8. Communication_Privacy: Generating Data   Click here.
9. Telling A Story With Data   Click here.
10. Privacy & Security   Click here.
11. Following Directions   Click here.
12. Artificial Intelligence_Turing   Click here.
13. Chatterbots: How Life like Computers Have Become.   Click here.
14. Artificial Intelligence: Judging Computer Responses   Click here.
Unit 1 Review   Click here.
Unit 1 Test   Click here.


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