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Students will design and build a robot that they will eventually program to perform a number of tasks.


First, the students will be taught how to draft their initial ideas on paper

Second, they will recreate the ideas they drew in detail on paper to an online 3d Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.

Third, they will export this 3d computer image they have created to a 3d printer. They will complete this step twice, once in the recreation of a model so that they can learn the process, but the second time, the vehicle they engineer will be a design they create.

Finally, they will follow these same steps to engineer a robot complete with motors, computer chip, power supply and sensors. The students will learn how to program their robots to take part in a number of activities. Finally, the students will design and build a customized chasis for their robot.

Project Description:
"Design & Build a Race Car."

“Race Cars” Team Competition (Syllabus)
Student teams will design and build a race car and compete against the other class teams. There are two titles the teams will be competing for:
Competition #1. Fastest Race Car.
Competition #2. Coolest Car…The Nicest Design.

Video of Students Racing Cars they Designed and Built.
Purpose Lesson
1. Tinkercad Training & Peg, Cube, Sphere & Hole.

Students will learn how to build an object with an online Computer Aided Design program called Tinkercad. Students get to apply their newly learned CAD skills by successfully creating a Cube and Sphere that are connected with a peg.

Click here.
2. 'Fastest' Race Car Students will learn how to draft, CAD and finally build a basic race car using a 3D printer. Click here.
3. 'Cool' Race Car Students will design & draft the specifications of a race car that they think is 'Cool'. They will eventually CAD and finally build their car using a 3D printer. Click here.
4. Robot Chasis Students will draft, CAD, print and assemble the body of their robot. Click here.
5. Programming the Robot Students will program their robots to perform a variety of functions. Click here.

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