Students will design and build a robot that they will eventually program to perform a number of tasks.

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First, the students will learn how to create an object with a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Program and then make it become reality with a 3D Printer.

Second, the students will recreate a model vehicle by drafting it, develop it on a CAD program and then 3D print it.

Third, the students will apply their new skills by drafting their own idea, CAD and 3D print it.

Fourth, the students will draft, CAD and 3D print the chasis of a robot and then assemble it by adding motors and chips.

Finally, students will design and write programs so that their vehicle can compete in a number of activities. Eventually they will add and program sensors to perform more advanced tasks.

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Course Syllabus

Project Description:
Mac Operating System

Since all your work will be done on a Macintosh computer, this training page will provide useful tips on how to use the Mac Operating System.

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Purpose Lesson
1. Tinkercad Training & Peg, Cube, Sphere & Hole.

Students will learn how to build an object with an online Computer Aided Design program called Tinkercad. Students get to apply their newly learned CAD skills by successfully creating a Cube and Sphere that are connected with a peg.

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2. 'Fastest' Race Car Students will learn how to draft, CAD and finally build a basic race car using a 3D printer. Click here.
3. 'Cool' Race Car Students will design & draft the specifications of a race car that they think is 'Cool'. They will eventually CAD and finally build their car using a 3D printer. Click here.
4. Robot Chasis Students will draft, CAD, print and assemble the body of their robot. Click here.
5. Programming the Robot Students will program their robots to perform a variety of functions. Click here.

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