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"Computer Science Principles" (CSP)

Computer Science Principles (CSP) is the 2nd level course in a two-course series that is being offered at SHHS. 
Course Description: click here.
Video Explaining ECS & CSP: Mobile or You Tube

robot Robotics
Students will design, build and program robots that will perform in a number of events including competitions against Napa High and a regional robotics tournament.
cs Computer Science
Student will work within the foundational concepts of Computer Science: Understanding Binary, How does the internet work, Compression & Data.
java Developing Apps (Javascript)
Students will create an online game with Javascript. They will eventually use an application to design and develop an online game.
engin Engineering / 3D Printing
Students’ will research a classic American suspension bridge, create a composite drawing, design their own bridge on a CAD program and finally build and assemble their suspension bridge using a 3D printer.
ai Artificial Intelligence
Students will utilize their coding skills to build and program robots to compete in a variety of activities.
nasa Careers in Tech!
During the course and in particular over the last few months, students will get to visit a number of companies in the Tech World and will be visited by Tech speakers from a broad range of occupations and have the opportunity to be awarded an internship with the SHUSD IT Dept.

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